We are the only largest Indian company which has a sound on ground presence and an existing direct retail trade network. This facilitates our products and our brand partners with an ultra fast product placement and a real time data based strategy planning. As size matters the most in every strategic survey.

Fast implementation with a very minimal experimental overhead has become our standard due to our local retail alliances and strong marketing roots. Getting closer to the consumer with direct interactions and promotional events, makes us more vibrant and reactive to the ever changing retail environment.

Product promotions to the end user is monitored effectively with our hand gathered reliable real time data. The cost towards this segment is reduced fairly because of knowledge and innovation in data gathering and localised manipulation, facilitating our products with a light of where to invest rather than spend.


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A few words from our Chairman

"We are in business to make money with morality. If you are not making moral money, no business of you being here."

Our Vision is to create a Best tomorrow, in Terms of Mental Satisfaction, Physical Health & Responsible Luxury to each , and every Person who is Directly or Indirectly Involved in Our Heart, Growth, Business, and Product.


Our Mission is that Every single day is a to Defeat the Previous day in Terms of Profit, Innovation, Performance, Service & Scope. Through Workable Planning, Focused Work & Regular Monitoring.